Recruitment Procedure

M/s. Ratna International, the manpower consultants in india, have a rigorous and in depth selection process. While selecting, we give attention to all the category level of skill & efficient, bright, highly qualified, skilled professional and unskilled candidates. Our main motto with effective & innovative selected techniques does not only help us in brushing the competitive candidates but also ensures that the selected candidates are nothing but best available in the Market. This below Agreement should be signed by both the Parties as an Acceptance with terms and conditions for the recruitment of the Manpower Execution.

Company's Employers Part:

Demand Letter (Download here)

Employer / Principal will issue the demand letter in favour of M/s. Ratna International, the job categories, number of workers required in each category, monthly salary, duration of contract period and other terms and conditions for the candidates like accommodation, food, medical, air ticket, transportation, etc.

Power of Attorney (Download here)

Employer / Principal will issue in their Company's Letter Head the Power of Attorney in favour of M/s. Ratna International addressed to the Consulate General of the concerned Embassy in India, informing him that M/s. Ratna International is a Bonafide Manpower Recruiting Agent, who is authorized to deal with all the visa matters, submissions and delivery, with the said Embassy (As applicable in the Middle East and far East Countries Only).

Contract of Employment (Download here)

It is a Standard Policy of a Contract Employment which deals between an Employer and an Employee.