Recruitments for Media / Advertising / Communication Sector

The media program has a capacity to become more productive if it is well timed, designed and nicely written and is meant for a predecided target audience. Thus timing becomes a very crucial factor in the line of media, advertising and communication.

This directly implies that media houses are in need of fresh talents who are able to form the manpower and backbone of the industry.

India has been one of the largest film industry, advertising industry, satellite and cable television industry and have successfully attracted global media conglomerates which in return generates jobs in media industry. This kind of a scenario has opened up for a gateway of candidates in the media, advertising and communication industry.

We, at Ratna Consultants provide media industry jobs and have an able team of veterans in these fields, who have successfully placed quality candidate in the media industry thus creating a niche for ourselves.

Some of our extensive job postings for the media / advertising / communication sector are:

  • Media Planning
  • Client Servicing executive
  • Marketing executive
  • Tele- marketing executive
  • Account Director
  • Creative Director
  • Key Account Manager
  • Product /Brand Manager
  • Business Alliances Manager
  • Visualizer Copywriter
  • Graphic Designer
  • Marketing Researcher
  • MR Field Supervisor
  • PR Executive
  • Product Executive
  • Media Buying
  • Corporate Communication
  • Marketing Head
  • Creative Art Director
  • Site marketing Advertising executive