Recruitments for Marine Industry

The growth in the marine sector, together with growth in the port activity has opened up a whole new avenue of marine industry job seekers.

We have been able to maintain a strong database of experienced and qualified personnel who are happily pursuing a successful career in the marine industry.

We at Ratna Consultants are able to place some of the most talented candidates in all levels of marine companies, be it small or big blue chip multinational marine companies. We take pride in placing some of the industry's best talents. Our company has been well established as a respected company in the marine industry and has quality candidates frequently visiting us to make bright careers.

We not only have a rich database of well educated candidates but also have resourceful ways of recruiting professionals who cut majorly on the advertising cost and time and money that is spent on direct recruiting.

By assisting the recruiters to meet the key aspects of efficiency, productivity and revenue generation we bridge the gap between the employers and employees. Our rich database enables us to fully understand the job's expectation that has the capability to engage current generation of candidates. We have industry specific business units and this is how our recruitment operations are arranged, thus employing dedicated marine teams who have specialist marine knowledge. We have a positive track record of recruiting able candidates at all levels of hierarchy and helping the company to grow.

Some of our extensive job postings for the marine industry are:

  • Company Health & Safety Officer
  • Submarine Designer
  • Yacht Builders
  • Engineer Superintendent Aberdeen
  • Marine Safety & Quality Manager
  • Engineer Superintendent
  • Business Development Manager
  • Marine Equipment Designers
  • Purchasing Marine Officer
  • Dock Engineer ? Dock Master
  • Onshore Marine coordinator
  • Consultant Naval Architects
  • Blue Water Ship Owners, Operators and Charterers