Recruitments for Electrical & Mechanical Repair Sector

Just like every device or equipment, breakdowns are a common place with electrical and mechanical systems and equipment.

To perform regular maintenance of equipment, mechanics perform their duty using a checklist to ensure that the various operating parts and systems of equipment are working properly. As professionals inspect the equipment, they make repairs and adjustments as required to ensure that the device is functioning properly. An important part of a mechanic's job is routine maintenance.

Electrical recruitment and mechanical recruitment industry is projected to stay on pace with a numerous job opportunities for different positions in different domains.

Companies in this sector look for professionals, who have technical knowledge of this sector, have the ability to quickly analyze various faults and problems, are good problem solvers and have an excellent understanding of how the equipment works.

Ratna Consultants has emerged as one of the leading electrical recruitment agency and mechanical recruitment agency in this sector. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals with through knowledge of industry that enables us to select suitable candidates for various job profiles, ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients. Ever since inception, we have provided our clients with right mix for highly talented people for electrical requirement and mechanical requirement.

Some of our extensive job postings for electrical & mechanical repair sector are:

  • Industrial Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Process Planner
  • Product Designer
  • Mechanics
  • Turners
  • Welders